Portland Offers a Fine Selection of Delicious Craft Beers

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Portland Beer

Portland is a true haven for all the beer enthusiasts. There are a lot of breweries creating their own craft beers that differ from each other by both the taste and alcohol content. Tours going through some of the best Portland breweries offer tastings for all the beer lovers from near and far.

Does the Best Beer Come From Portland?

Portland is famous for having many different breweries that cater to the taste buds of all that enjoy beer. But what is so particularly good about Portland’s Beer? Oregon has deep roots in the beer brewing industry, and the know-how in the Portland area is particularly high. Especially the smaller breweries are known to be innovative both in their recipes and their manufacturing styles.

Types of Beers That Make Portland Famous

Portland is the home of many different beer types that are particularly unique to that region. Double IPA´s of the place are well-known for their full flavour and somewhat aggressive undertone. Portland lagers tend to be crisp and refreshing, and there are also plenty of organic lagers available.

Best Breweries in Portland

The first beer manufacturing establishment in Oregon, Portland was the Liberty Brewery founded in 1852. Today the region is a home for at least 75 different breweries. Some of the best-known beer manufacturers and brewpubs are the 10 Barrell Brewing Company, Old Town Brewing and Occidental Brewing. In addition to beer tasting tours, enthusiasts can take, Portland also organizes different annual events where like-minded beer lovers can meet, taste and discuss the various flavours of Portland’s finest beers.

Whether you like watching the Ducks football school others or the Trail Blazers bringing the heat, one thing is for certain; Oregonians love their sports. Craft beer goes hand-in-hand with watching sports at your favorite local bar. And if you’re a wagering man, you can do that too. There’s no wrong way to enjoy a local craft beer while watching your favorite sports team.