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Fees & Events are due by Wednesday, October 10th, at the very least we need the date, time & name of the event. Other details (tap lists, etc.) can be added to the website event descriptions later on. Once we receive enough information and payment we will add you and any other contacts as an admin on the Facebook event pages to customize as you wish and share your event! Event information can also be emailed to

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The *cost to participate in 2018 Beer Week is: Breweries: $50 flat rate for the week (plus Venue Fee if you are using your own location) Venues­ (restaurant/bar/tasting room)­: $50 per event or $200 for unlimited events for the week Please send checks to: The Thirsty Pig, 37 Exchange St. Portland, ME 04101 Checks can be made payable to: The Thirsty Pig We are happy to take credit card payment if you wish to make other arrangements.