Attention Superlatives Nominees!

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Superlatives Nominees

Best Regulars

  •  Bonnie & Blair Warner
  •  Amy Doyle
  •  Laurie & Bran Maushart
  •  Jeremy Abbott
  •  Pauline Young & Andy Moreau (AKA Dr. Brown Bear)
  •  Lauri Mulcunry

Best Beer Ambassador

  •  Don Littlefield, Maine Brew Bus
  •  Heather Sanborn, Rising Tide Brewery
  •  Allison Stevens, The Thristy Pig
  •  Sean Sullivan, Maine Brewers Guild
  •  Benjamin Moore, Active Beer Geek

Best Beer Rep - Female

  •  Jamie Colpoys, Two Roads
  •  Wendi Dill, Pine State
  •  Sophie LeBlanc, Sebago
  •  Kate Putnoky, Mariner
  •  Phoebe Waterson, Vacationland

Best Beer Rep - Male

  •  Josh Blackadar, National
  •  Trevor Gerity, Pine State
  •  Ezra Provost, Mariner
  •  Shane Richard, Smuttynose
  •  John Squadrito, Vacationland
  •  Jeremie Buck, Vacationland
  •  Will Fisher, Austin Street
  •  Josh Wolf, Allagash
  •  Adam Koski, Allagash
  •  Brian Magnin, Central Distrbutors
  •  Josh Schlessinger, Sleek Machine

Best Beertender - Male

  •  Shahin Khojastehzad, Novare Res
  •  Nick Martel, Novare Res
  •  James Krams, Bissell Brothers
  •  Matt Towle, The Thirsty Pig
  •  Louis Pantano, Novare Res
  •  Mike Dickson, Great Lost Bear

Best Beertender - Female

  •  Christina Klein, Sonny's
  •  Tina Hafner, Great Lost Bear
  •  Erika Colby, Novare Res
  •  Nikki, Arcadia National Bar
  •  Jesse Cinquegrano, Foundation Brewing
  •  Hester Bissell, Bissell Brothers
  •  Emily Marro, Little Tap House